Purple & Gold Waistbeads
Purple & Gold Waistbeads
Infinite Aries

Purple & Gold Waistbeads

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Tap into your inner royalty with our Purple and Gold Waistbead strand. Regal violet shades, enhanced by golden embellishments, exude elegance and nobility. Wear this majestic strand as a reminder of your inner strength and sovereignty, radiating confidence and grace wherever you go.

Each strand boasts a generous 50" of carefully selected beads, providing versatility for various waist sizes. The set is designed with slack for easy adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit. The tie-on style allows you to customize the placement on your waist, embracing your unique style.

Please be mindful that these waistbeads are tie-on and cannot be changed or altered once secured. This feature adds a touch of personalization, allowing you to adjust and tie each strand according to your preference.

Charms and Clasps:
Explore our curated collection of charms and clasps, sold separately, to add an extra layer of personalization to your waistbead set. Each charm and clasp is thoughtfully chosen to complement the natural beauty of the beads.